This toolbox is the result of the work of Social & Nature Project’s partners. It is the 5th and final intellectual output of Social and Nature project. All those elements are the result of the most relevant guidelines collected, based on the exchange and synthesis work carried out locally in all Partnership countries (France, Corsica, Greece, Belgium, and Italy) during the 2nd part of the project. The Toolbox is to serve for the trainers of social workers and social workers themselves to have concrete, playful, mobilizing and diverse educational resources in the field in support of the initiatives they will have to take in the field of training and in raising awareness of climate change among socially fragile public people. It capitalizes, not only on all the information produced for the organization of O3 and O4 training content (data, reference lists, identification of key players, national, European and international political contexts) and provides target audiences with practical tools to assist them in the conduct of their initiatives: identification of good practices in the form of action sheets, educational materials (quizzes, games, posters, posters , etc.), videos and slideshows to illustrate concepts and accompany projects face to face pedagogical, scenarios for the conduct of collective projects, etc, but also on new guidelines.

The activities foreseen in the framework of the Intellectual Output 5 was led by ITG, FR, with the active involvement of all partners, started from Mars 2020 until now. Each partner identified, among information produced. Each partner sent a national contribution (at least 5 Guidelines par partner).

In this global Toolbox (IO.5), you will find all the selected guidelines, according to the 4 following modules: Climate change phenomenon, Reducing our impact, Adaptation, Transversal competencies. You can download it here: